My name is Charly,I am looking for a one-year internship in the U.S.

Reliable, trustworthy, open-minded and meticulous.


About Me

What I am looking for..


  • Name Charles-Eric Dessart
  • Age 25 years old
  • Country Belgium
  • Field IT

I’m looking for a one-year internship in an IT startup. I would like to take actively part in a project, improve my English skills and meet a lot of interesting people.

In concrete terms, I’m able to do any IT work like writing documentation, fixing bugs, producing and testing small features, etc. I like to speak with stakeholders, gather their requirements and analyze them to find a solution when problems occur.

I would be a dedicated member of a team because I am someone who is very social; I am living in a 10 bedrooms house and I am an active member of a students' association.


What I have learned..


  • Education Master of Science in Management [July 2011]
    Catholic University of Louvain Belgium

    Master of Computer Science [July 2010]
    Catholic University of Louvain Belgium
    GPA: 14.73/20 cum laude

  • Work
    Sum. 2009: Educator at TechnofuturTic
    Sum. 2005: Developer at PCSol
    From 2002: Web Developer

  • Softwares Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Objectiver, svn, Zend Framework

  • Languages java, c#, python, php/sql/xhtml, windev, xslt, LaTeX. I can quickly learn other languages​​.


What I have developed..



The geek inside me

How I spend my time on the Internet..


  • Softwares TeXworks, Thunderbird, Chrome, Trillian, Vuze, FileZila, Notepad++
  • Best games
    CS 1.5 and WoW vanilla
  • My computer i7 920 @ 3.8Ghz, ATI Raedon HD 4870, OCZ Revodrive 120Go, Raid 0 WD Velociraptor 150Go x 2 , Antec twelve hundred, Samsung 24", Asus Deluxe P6T, NAS Synology DS-409 Raid 5 4To
  • Favorite
    U.S. Websites
    Cheezburger Network, HotHardware, Lifehacker, Facebook, TorrentFreak
  • My Phones HTC Magic rip, Samsung Galaxy S2 soon
  • Web services Grooveshark for music, XP-Dev for svn, iDrive for backup, Gmail for everything, Megaupload for files hosting, Ovh, TheHosting and GoDaddy for hosting
  • Operating
    Windows 7 at home, CentOS at university


What I like in real life..


  • Friends I enjoy spending time with my friends. I'm very social, I live for 7 years in a 10 bedrooms house.
  • Sports Boxing, fitness and running
  • Partying I like all places where there is music, especially electronic music.
  • Cars Mini JCW, Abarth 500, Ford Focus RS
  • Movies The lord of the rings, Matrix, District 9, Inglorious bastards, Inception, Resident Evil, and many others..
  • Series Lost, Dragon Ball, Stargate Universe, Spartacus, The big bang theory, How I met your mother, and many others..
  • Artists Queen, The Police, Gargage, Cranberries, Dave Clarke, Vaya con dios, and many others..


What I have read..



Fun facts

What you have to know about me..


    • I like dancing but I look so stupid.

    • I woke up at 4am to get the username charly on Facebook.

    • I bought gold for WoW.

    • I'm typing with a blank keyboard.

    • I have two red-haired friends.

    • I think that Dragon Ball GT is a sham.

    • I went on 4chan, once!

    • I do not know the rules of American football and baseball.
    • My country has no government for 1 year.


Visa, legislation..


  • Details I am participating in the J-1 Visa Internship USA program, sponsored by the Council on International Educational Exchange. As my sponsor, CIEE is authorized by the U.S. government to issue the necessary documentation for me to obtain a J-1 visa, which allows me to train legally in the U.S. for up to 12 months. I will also have my own personal health insurance.
  • More


What I have picked..


Master of Computer Science

Master of Science in Management

Charlyis looking for an internship.

Charles-Eric Dessart
4800 Verviers

Phone +32 497 729166
Skype dessartc

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